Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jingle all the way!

Last Friday Mama, Court, and Durham came to our house to help me decorate for Christmas. This has turned into one of our traditions each year. It wouldn't be near as fun to decorate the house without mama and court's company. We had fun putting ornaments on the tree as we drank hot chocolate. I now love coming home to the pretty lights and walking in the door to see a lot of red and green! Thanks Mama and Court for helping me put everything in it's perfect place. And a big thanks to little D for keeping us laughing and keeping us distracted! I love you all!!!
Pictures don't do a christmas tree justice, but here are a few to show you the beautiful work of the Thain girls!!!
(P.S. Please forgive the terrible quality of these pictures. These are taken from a cell phone camera. Court still has my camera and I will finally get it back on Christmas day when she gets her new one. Aren't I a sweet sister to let her use my camera for almost 6 months? It's all because of how much I love my little D!)

Mama bought us this ornament at the Holiday Market this year!
Make-do place for stockings in a house without a mantle.

Dinning Room
I love having a storm door, but hate how it takes away from our wreath.

On Saturday night I went to my first Christmas party of 2009, and then yesterday I started wrapping gifts. There is a lot more to come for our busy schedule this December, but i'm so excited to celebrate our 2nd Christmas together!