Monday, November 23, 2009

My best friend!

I thought I would start out this holiday week telling you what I'm the most thankful for. The three most important people/relationships in my life are my Jesus, my husband, and my family. I fail each and everyday at letting all of these people know just how special they are to me.
I wanted to spend this Thanksgiving thinking about how I can be a better wife and how I can show appreciation to Jonathan and all he does for me. I will start with telling the world (bc the whole world reads my blog) how I am so thankful for his love and support. In all I do, he is always behind me, backing me up and encouraging me in my daily encounters. I never have to worry about his dedication to working hard and providing for our family. He works harder than any guy I know, sometimes working 10-11 hour days and without even complaining. Then I come home from an 8 hour day and grip over how tired I am, all the while he just sits there listening. Over the past year and 1/2 I have watched him grow so much in our Lord. I can see his determination to become the godly man he was created to be. I know it's not always easy having to be the spiritual leader of the household, and i know he struggles each day, but he is always wanting the Lord to teach him new things in order for him to grow and strengthen in his faith. The few things that have never changed with J, and I pray never do, are that he is always making me laugh and he loves my family as much as I do. God knew what he was doing when he brought Jonathan into my life. He isn't the same guy he was 6 years ago, and i'm so thankful for all the work the Lord has done in Jonathan's heart over the years. We haven't been married long, but I love being able to look back over that little bit of time and see the changes God has made in us. We went from being two selfish single beings, to two people trying to live each day providing for all the needs of the other. And that is not always easy my friend, and I know I have a long way to go. But I am so thankful that Jonathan chose me to spend the rest of his life with, spending each day trying to think less of himself and more of me. God def knew what he was doing when he created each of us for the other.
Thanks babe for all you do for me and for just being you! I love you!

Friday, November 20, 2009


Last night, or should I say this very early this morning, I attended the midnight premier of Twilight Saga: New Moon with some of my work buddies. We saw Twilight at 9pm (for only $5), and then around 11pm headed into our allotted theater to wait anxiously for the movie to begin. Buying the $5 Twilight ticket was well worth it...a great way to pass the time, instead of waiting outside in a long line. Before I tell you how great the movie was, let me begin by telling you why I was so excited about going to see this movie. It all started back when I began working at the Gap. All my coworkers were and still are obsessed with Twilight. That's all they talked about, so I figured I might as well read the books so I can be a part of the conversations going on around the work place. After I finished the first book, I watched the movie and it was good, but I still wasn't hooked. I love to read in the summertime as I lay out in my back yard, so I didn't mind picking up the second Twilight book, New Moon. I finished this book in less than 3 days and would then say, I was hooked, or sucked in to this obsession, if you will. I read all four books and ever since we've all been anticipating the New Moon movie. I can't wait until Eclipse next summer!

Now that you know my story of how I began to love Twilight, now I can tell you how much I loved the movie. If you know me well you know that I don't do late nights very often. I fall asleep when it gets dark and I get comfy, so even in a movie theater I have been known to fall asleep a time or two. I was a little nervous that I was going to waste money on this ticket because I would just fall asleep, but oh no, this was well worth staying up for. I had to sit on the edge of my seat a time or two to make sure I was not getting sleepy, but I didn't close my eyes except to blink. This is def a movie I could go see was awesome. I don't want to give too much away, but the only dissapointment was the ending. It just leave you hanging...but overall, I would def say it's much better than the first movie, Twilight.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Too early for Christmas? I think not!

So when is it too early to decorate for Christmas, to listen to Christmas music, to shop for gifts, to make a wish list???

I say it's never too early! It might be the fact that I now work in retail and it's hard to avoid Christmas anytime after the date of Oct 1st. We've had all our decor up, trees and all for 2 weeks now in the store. We started playing Christmas music last week, and we are already planning for all the "Black Friday" shoppers. (FYI, if you are one of those who gets up at the crack of dawn to shop on the day after Thanksgiving, stop by the Gap to get your Buy One Get One Free sweaters... we are also having this promotion on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving as well.) This all probably plays a big role in the reason why i'm almost already done with all our Christmas shopping. I only have a few more gifts left before I have my whole list checked off. This is not the norm for me, and I've always been one to say that you shouldn't do anything "christmas" until after Thanksgiving. Working at the Gap has changed my perception on this, and i'm not ashamed to say each day at work i've been not only enjoying the music, but i've been singing along and been in the cheerful christmas spirit. I wanted to decorate our house the week of Thanksgiving before we go out of town, but Jonathan said he would put a stop to that. He is a firm believer in the whole "no Christmas before Thanksgiving." So to fill that yearning of Christmas cheer, i've turned to shopping. I can't wait to start wrapping all the gifts and putting them under our tree. And who doesn't love some good holiday commercials, like our new Gap advertisement that just started playing. It's a little corny, and nothing can beat the old Oreo Christmas commercial with the little boy waiting up for Santa, but it still puts a little pep in your step to get geared up for the Holidays.

Ok, ok, I realize i'm seeming to forget all about a very important holiday on the calendar. But just so you know, i'm still looking forward to Thanksgiving and will do a post soon on Thankfulness. This is not a holiday to be taken lightly. I mean geez, who doesn't want to sit down with family and enjoy a delicious feast? I am very excited about next weekend, even though the majority of it will be spent working, I am fortunate enough and thankful that we get to spend thanksgiving day with our family! Because of my crazy work schedule, Jonathan's family was gracious enough to change their traditional thanksgiving weekend plans so that we could all be together on Thanksgiving day. My family, along with his family will be enjoying next Thursday all together as one big family in Lexington, and I can't be more excited about it! And it only makes it that much better that I get to eat fried turkey...which only happens once a year!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fall Cleaning

I don't have to go into work until 5 tonight, so I had the whole day to do whatever I pleased. I started the morning with the Lord in a good quiet time, watched last week's private practice espisode, and then got bored. I have been putting off cleaning the house for a week now, and couldn't make excuses any longer. I love a clean house, but hate to clean. So i took the plunge and did a good deep clean throughout the whole house (a whole house that is only 1200 sq ft...haha). But, even though it's small, it still takes a while to clean the entire house at one time. But boy do I feel so good! I love it! The house smells great, but I feel dirty...thankfully I hadn't taken a shower before I started cleaning.

Now I get to look foward to my lunch date with Jonathan. He comes home almost everyday for lunch and when i'm home and not working, I love that time we have together!

Have a great fall day everyone!!!