Monday, August 31, 2009

Last day of Summer! :(

In honor of the last day of summer I decide to bit the bullet and blog again. I'm sad to see the summer end, but excited to break out the turtle necks, jeans, and sweaters. Football season is about to crack up and we are all pumped about tailgating, PC homecoming, the Clemson game J promised to take me to this year, and i'm sure a UGA game or two. I love fall weather, but i'm just not ready to let the summer heat go. The Thain family just got back from Edisto Beach on Saturday. Because of Court being pregnant right in the middle of summer, we decided to go late in August so that the Molony crew (including Durham) could join us for the week. We had the best week and did not want to leave. Edisto is the most tranquil and quiet place. Our days consisted of waking up early, going on a run or bike ride with Daddy, laying in the hammick on the screened in porch with Durham napping on my chest, laying on the beach, playing games on the beach, going for a walk on the beach, coming in for lunch, then going out and doing it all over again. We cooked most nights and just enjoyed being with family. Shelby and Henry got to come down and join in on the fun for 2 days. Thank you to Mama and Daddy for the awesome week! We couldn't have asked for a better vacation! We love you!

Now that we are back at home and getting back into the swing of things, i'm marking all important dates for the fall on my calendar. The coming months are sure to be busy and full of fun.

Another very important date that has already past, but has not been forgotten by me was our first anniversary. Jonathan and I celebrated our 1 year on August 16th. It has been an awesome year and I am so blessed to have such a great husband. Everyone says the first year is the hardest, and I don't believe it, because this year has been fun and exciting...not hard in the least! I can't wait to see where the Lord will take us in our future, but for now, I am so happy to be Jonathan's wife! I love you babe!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Ohio Mission Trip

Mama and I will be leaving tomorrow at 6:45am from the Columbia airport for our Ohio Mission Trip. We will be ministering to African refugees in several ways. Teaching ESL (English as second language) classes, Back to School Bash (school supply give a way), crafts, songs, and games with the kids, and much more. We will return to Columbia on August 11th, but while we are there we would appreciate your prayers. We want to show their community Christ's love through our own relationships, through how we interact with them, and our conversations. God is already at work in Ohio, and he will continue to work in the lives of these refugees after we leave, but please pray that while we are there that we are encouraged and renewed by our interactions with them.
Below is a prayer guide that you may use to pray for us. Again, thank you in advance for any prayers for our team! God will work through your prayers in more ways than you will ever know.

Prayer Guide for Ohio Mission Team

August 4-11, 2009

We would be so honored to have you praying with us during this time.

July 27-August 3 Preparation
Pray that we stay focused on our own spiritual preparation. Pray for clean hearts and hands. Pray that packing will go smoothly and that God will lead us to exactly what we need to take. Pray for our hosts as they prepare for our arrival and complete logistical details. Pray for the other teams as they prepare to come.
2 Corinthians 10:4-5

August 4 Travel & Orientation
Pray for rest, health, and safety for our team, those who will be joining us, and our Ohio hosts. Pray that our luggage arrives with us. Pray for complete unity and flexibility as we begin our orientation so that we will be open to hear God’s plan for our time here. Pray for our Man of Peace as God works in his heart. Romans 9:17

August 5 Prayerwalking, Distribution, ESOL & Crafts at Community Center
Pray for strongholds to be broken and hearts to be soft to hear His message of love and hope. Pray that we will be invited into homes and be led to leave the Jesus Film with families.
2 Corinthians 4:1-7

August 6 Prayerwalking, Distribution, ESOL & Crafts at Community Center
Pray that the communication barrier of speaking a different language will not be a hindrance. Pray that we will have opportunities to share stories from the Word. Pray that each of us will be in tune with the Holy Spirit and will allow Him to guide our every action.
Ephesians 3:14-21

August 7 Prayerwalking, Distribution, ESOL & Crafts at Community Center
Pray that God will use us to love the people we meet and that their hearts will be open to God’s truth & love. Pray for the children who come to craft time while their mothers attend ESOL classes. Pray that those we encounter will see something different in us and seek Truth.
Psalm 19:14

August 8 Block Party & School Supply Distribution at Community Center
Pray that God’s love, joy, gentleness, and peace abound in and from each of us as we give an expected 300 children school supplies. Pray that the children and their parents will see Jesus in us during what could be a chaotic time.
John 3:30

August 9 Worship at Local Church, Crafts at Community Center
Pray that our worship at a local church will hold renewed awe as we praise our Creator and Sustainer. Pray for renewed strength as we have more time at the community center with children and adults. Pray that all those around us will know we are HIS disciples by our love.
John 13:34-35

August 10 Follow-up Visits with Families
Pray for Spirit-led conversations as we are sensitive to His leading. Pray for discernment of when not to speak and for boldness when we are to speak.
Exodus 4:12

August 11 Travel back to SC
Pray that many in Ohio will be called to continue serving this community. Pray for safety and health as we travel home. Pray for restoring rest so we will be prepared to return to work. Pray that we will never forget all that God has taught us during this week and that we will continue to pray for these precious people.
Acts 1:8