Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sweet Summertime

This past Saturday me, mama, and J went to Charleston for Lauren Tober's wedding. We spent all day before the wedding, hanging out with Shelby and Henry. We were amused all day by watching Henry get into EVERYTHING. He is def. the cutest thing in the entire world. Thanks Shelby for being the best Hostess!!! We had an awesome time!

As of Monday, it's officially summer for me. Monday was the first day spent on the lake, so to me, summer has begun! It was the perfect day. Court, Ryan, Mama, Daddy, J and I all had the day off work for Memorial Day. We packed a picnic for lunch and spent the day soaking up the rays. The weather was great, not too hot and not a bit cold! When we got home, we grilled out and had dinner outside on the back porch. It was the best way to spend the Holiday!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

lovin life

Wow is it hard to come back to work when you've been out for three days straight. It's my second day back at work since I had the ol' teeth cut out. I really could have come back on Monday, but i decided to stay home with mama and hang out with her all day. It was actually a very busy day, full of accomplishments. We got to meet Hanna for lunch and see the big ROCK on her hand! CONGRATS HANNA AND JOHN ON YOUR ENGAGEMENT!!! I am so excited for you! Then we ran errand after errand getting things checked off the wedding list.
So now here I am caught up with all my work and bored again! But hey, at least it's only a 4 day work week for me and then I get next Monday off for Memorial Day! Woohoo!

On another note, I want to thank Dr. Mama and Dr. J for taking good care of me while I was recovering this past weekend. I couldn't have asked for better caretakers! We had a relaxing weekend laying around watching movies and eating ice cream and jello. Thanks you two for being so sympathetic to such a wimp like me who can't take the pain! I love you both!

So I can't remember if I already posted about this but last Tuesday I had my portrait taken at PC. The weather was absolutely perfect and me, mama, and courtney had the best time! There were several different places on campus that I wanted to have my portrait taken, and I found it easier to walk from place to place instead of getting into a car with the dress on. So from the walking around campus with a wedding dress on (not what you expect to see everyday on PC's campus) to getting honked at a million times and people yelling "don't do it" out their windows, it was a very interesting, funny, and exciting afternoon!
I can't wait to go see all the shots the photographer took! As you probably can tell by how much I talk about it, the thing i'm most excited about for the wedding is the photography. Travis Bell really is amazing and I can't wait for everyone to see his awesome work! I just think that photography is so important on your wedding day because it's the only thing that is left after the day is over. It's what we will have to show for all the money and time spent, so to me photography is well worth every penny!

YAY for the wedding being only 87 days away, everyday i'm more and more ready and excited for August to be here! The time is going by pretty fast, but not fast enough! And the big thing right now that i'm trying to focus on is finding a job in Augusta. I'm praying hard that God will open some doors between now and August and show me where He wants me. So if you want to put this little tid bit on your prayer list for the next few months I would greatly appreciate it.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

HATE SPEECH by Ryan Molony

Today we have a guest post by my very strange, yet hilarious brother in law:

"Let's talk a little American Idol. I hate Paula Abdul. I know that hate is a strong word, and I mean it in the strongest way. You would think somebody with that much money could present herself a little better. She looks hideous every Tuesday and Wednesday night. If her appearance wasn't enough to make me sick already, her comments make me want to jump off the roof of my house (which wouldn't hurt because most of you have seen my house). If she says, "oh david, I could see your soul shining through and I've never been so proud" one more time........ Speaking of pure hatred, not a fan of Ryan Seacrest or Randy Jackson either. Seacrest likes boys and Randy talks like he is a 7th grader trying to "fit in". With all of that said, the reason I can stomach these other morons is because I am in love with Simon. I don't care if it is all a show, he makes me laugh and he says exactly what I am thinking. The only thing he hasn't done is backhand Paula right off the the way, my heart is really not filled with this much is only for the blog......but I really do hate Paula."
-Ryan Molony

Monday, May 12, 2008

i'll probably look like a chipmonk...

First and foremost...HAPPY (late) MOTHERS DAY to my wonderful mama!!!!
I love you mama and hope yesterday was as fun for you as it was for me and Court.
Courtney and I cooked brunch for mama after church. The rest of the day was spent relaxing and then me, mama, and daddy went and walked the dam. It was a great day!

Tomorrow me and mama are running around all morning going from appointment to appointment before we have to be at PC by 3 oclock for my portrait. Our photographer agreed to travel to PC to take my portrait. I'm so excited cause PC is such a beautiful campus and that being where me and J met, I wanted to have my picture taken there.
Wednesday i'm back at work for the last day this week, because on Thursday I have my wisdom teeth taken out. Which i'm not looking forward to, but the good news is I only have 2 days of work this week. Just wanted to fill everyone in on my excited and eventful week! Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

and the COUNTDOWN begins

only 100 days until August 16th!!!!

Pictures of our house

The outside view of our little home :)

Several angles of our kitchen
The two barstools I got for my bday
My green couch and little red chair

J's favorite piece of furniture

Pieces of our bedroom suite

Making a toast to celebrate our new home

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Georgia on my mind....

This past weekend was spent moving Jonathan into our new place in Augusta. I took the day off of work on friday because I had to be there for the bedroom furniture and couch to be delievered. Both of our families came to help with the move on Saturday, and on Sunday Jonathan and I spent most of the day cleaning and getting things in order. Today the cable service gets hooked up so J doesn't have to be in a silent house all by himself...he will have the TV for entertainment and background noise. For almost a month now he has lived without a TV, pretty impressive I might say. So you can imagine why now that he is in his own place, the first thing we bought on Friday night after he got off work, was a new TV.
Thanks to both my parents and Court, and J's parents and Josh for coming up on Saturday to help out. It was fun to have everyone together!
The place is really coming together and there are still a lot of things we need and want, but I'm trying to not be so impulsive and remember that we don't have to have EVERYTHING right now. Our next big purchase is a washer and dryer. Don't you hate spending money on things that aren't fun and exciting? But at the same time I can't live without clean clothes!! I can't wait till August when i get to enjoy living there, but i'm glad I have all summer to get it decorated and looking good!!!
Can't wait for everyone to come visit!
I'll post pictures after I get them uploaded onto my computer.

Monday, May 5, 2008


click on the link below to see our engagement announcement that was in The State paper yesterday...

Thain - Anderson Wedding