Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

It's snowing outside my lovely window and as I watch the snow fall down, I am not sitting on my couch with hot chocolate or snuggled up in my bed. Nope, i'm at work. It's hard growing up and realizing that even on days like today, when I get excited about a few snow flakes, I still have to go to work. When I was in college they would cancel class if there was even a chance of snow or ice. Well, i'm not in college anymore, and to work I go, even in this beautiful weather!!! And to make it worse, mama called me this morning to tell me that Courtney and Ryan both had school cancelled today, and don't have to go into work. So, yes i'm a little jealous!
But to all those outside playing in the snow and making snowmen...throw another snowball for me since i'm stuck inside working at this job that I hate!

Monday, January 19, 2009


Jonathan turned the big two four yesterday! We had a great weekend celebrating with friends and family! Friday night we went to a Japanese steak house (J's choice) with some friends! We were all so full and tired by the time dinner was over, all we wanted to do was go sit in front of the TV and crash for the night. I woke up the next morning pretty early to clean the house a little and start cooking. Saturday both my family and J's family came over to hang out for the day and stay for dinner and desert. The girls went to the mall for the afternoon and the boys stayed at home watching basketball. When we got back, we got the rest of dinner together and J put the meat on the grill. We had the best meal and a great time with the family! Thanks for all the cooking help I had from the ladies! After dinner Jonathan opened presents, which consisted of: a golf shirt, 2 polo shirts, a new wallet, a pair of shorts, money, and a new pink Calloway golf bag. Yes you read that right...PINK. My mom ordered Jonathan a black and white Calloway golf bag for his birthday but never thought to look in the box once it was shipped to the house. So, we all had a good laugh when J pulled out a big Pink and White golf bag from the box. Mama is taking care of returning the bag for the right color, but it sure was funny! After gifts, we had desert and everyone headed back home. Yesterday it was just me and Jonathan. We went to church, chilled out, walked around the mall, and then went to dinner at Olive Garden. It was a great weekend and I hope J has the best year yet!!! Happy birthday babe!! Love you!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Pictures

The three pictures above are from the bonfire we had up in Daddy and Mama's field the weekend before Christmas...hopefully it will be the first annual bonfire!

My little cousin HENRY wearing Daddy's glasses. He and Shelby came and visited right before Christmas!
The Whole Family in our Christmas PJs
Mama showing off her new Brighton Sunglasses
My excited Christmas face!
Santa was very good to Daddy...check out all those gifts!
Our traditional Christmas breakfast...we've had the same menu since I can remember
J, Me, Court, and Ry...we couldn't show off our new Christmas clothes cause it was too dang hot!
Our First Christmas together!!
That night we got in the car and drove to Atlanta to do Christmas with J's family
Here's Mrs. Rolande smelling her new candle!

And Josh checking out his new Lauren's Academy Shooting Shirt...compliments of Ryan!

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Years Resolutions

Jonathan and I started talking about our New Years Resolutions last night, going back and forth about what we want to focus on this coming year! Here are a few that I came up with for myself:

1. Cut down my food portions and eat healthier
2. Do my quiet time daily and always be aware of ways to help strengthen my faith
3. Do unexpected, sweet things for Jonathan more often
4. Exercise more than three times a week
5. Continue to be more organized
6. Wash my face each night before bed (i'm terrible about this)
7. Cook at least 3 nights a week
8. Be more creative with how we spend our free weekends
9. Continue to read more good books instead of watching TV each night before bed
10. Get accepted into grad school