Monday, July 21, 2008

The Truth about Cameron's Husband-to-be

Ok so Im sure everyone who reads this either knows J or has heard all about him from Cameron. Well the chances are that you don't really know the real jonathan and the truth is that everyone needs to know. There are some little known facts about him that should be public knowledge. I am basing my knowledge off the the past five years of friendship that me and J have experienced and the fact that my husband lived with the little guy for three years. Here are some facts in random order that I feel everyone should know to get to know J a little better...

- He is a complete computer nerd

- He arranges his clothes in rainbow order in his closet

- He is cleaner than Danny Tanner

- He LOVES corndogs

- He has had a crush on Cameron since freshman year

- He has a weak stomach and a slight tendency to throw up in a second

- Hes pretty good at soccer (when he's not hurt)

- His middle name is Renee

- He loves it when you put Merry Christmas on his door in dye cut letters

- He has more clothes than any man should.

- He's obsessed with cameron.

- Beware if he ever shouts at you "GO AWAAAAY!"

- Sometimes he likes to hold Matt's hand

- He has Christmas Jeans

- He's strong as an ox and can feel like dead weight when he leans on you

- He's WAP Dave reincarnated

- He used to love hemp bracelets

- He is part of "the team" and Cameron is not

- He loves egg drop soup

- Lastly, he REALLY loves corndogs

That is all for now, hope you know just a little bit more about our little friend Jonathan Renee Anderson!

From you Guest Writer- Alyssa Cogdill, the other half of "the team"

Friday, July 11, 2008

Book Worm

My new favorite hobby:

Yes i'm a dork, but ever since the beach, I have been an avid reader. I'm currently on my fourth book. I've already read two books by Karen Kingsbury and one by Emily Giffin. My next two reads will be "Something Borrowed" and then "Something Blue", these are also by Giffin. I can't fall asleep at night until I read at least a chapter...i feel like i'm in elementary school again trying to get my "book-it" points. So yeah, i'm a huge nerd, but if you haven't read a good book in a while and need a way to relax, I would def suggest it!

I even bring my book to work and secretly read while discretely hiding the book under the desk. I'm pretty sure that would not be acceptable to leisure read during working hours, but oh well, i don't feel too guilty about it.

So i'm still looking for a job in Augusta. The Lord is teaching me patience and trust in a big way right now. I've been praying through some verses to calm my heart and help me realize that God has it all under control!
"Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails"
-Proverbs 19:21

"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer."
-Romans 12:12

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God."
-Philippians 4:6

It's actually not too bad when I start to think about it. Life would be boring if there were no "unknowns" in life. If everything was laid out for me and I felt like everything was already planned out, what excitement is in that? NONE! God is showing me that he doesn't want me to always know what the next step is. He wants to be the one that determines that as I continue to learn how to life each day for him. So, i'm very excited about the job that is to come, even though i don't know what that job might be, it's out there and soon enough, God will open that door for me.

Wedding updates:
-invitations went out last week
-made final decision on wedding cake...yummy!
-PC friends are throwing J and I a lake party this weekend...can't wait!!!!
-going next week to get programs printed

There is a lot going on between now and August 16th, so i am hoping the time will fly. I'm so ready to be married and be able to celebrate with all our friends and family on our wedding day!
But at the same time, I am trying to enjoy each little thing about being engaged. It's so easy to want to rush everything along and mark off the days on the calendar until the Big day! But we have a lot to look forward to that comes in between now and then as well. 3 more showers/parties, my bachelorette party, J's bachelor party, 2 weddings to attend, etc.

And those down times when we don't have ribbons to tie on programs, itineraries to type up, or out-of-town guest welcome bags to fill, those will be the times when you can find me once again, READING a good ol' book!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. William Michael Bennett Boyd

The worst part about going on vacation is having to come back to work and be busier than ever trying to catch up from being out a whole week. But, it's of August 1st, I will no long be employeed by the Midlands Authority for Convention and Sports Tourism. Yes, that's right I finally told my boss that i'm leaving. The bad news is I have to find a new job. Probably one of the hardest things to do...especially when you really don't know what kind of job you want. So while i'm figuring all that out and trying to keep in mind that the Lord has my life all worked out, I'll show you some pictures from the wonderful Pursley-Boyd wedding weekend!

The wedding was 2 weeks ago, and the happy couple is already back from their honeymoon. The whole weekend was fabulous. We all had a great time. Jonathan and I both were in the wedding party, always fun!!!

Catie and Will, I love you both and i'm so happy for you!!! You're wedding was awesome and everyone had a blast and a half! Can't wait till I move to Augusta so we can all hang out more!

The B1 roommates (minus Kathryn) at the Bridesmaid's luncheon

The dashing bride and groom at the rehearsal dinner

Me and JJ at rehearsal dinner

Beautiful Bride

Bride and Groom!!!

Awesome Cake!