Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Too early for Christmas? I think not!

So when is it too early to decorate for Christmas, to listen to Christmas music, to shop for gifts, to make a wish list???

I say it's never too early! It might be the fact that I now work in retail and it's hard to avoid Christmas anytime after the date of Oct 1st. We've had all our decor up, trees and all for 2 weeks now in the store. We started playing Christmas music last week, and we are already planning for all the "Black Friday" shoppers. (FYI, if you are one of those who gets up at the crack of dawn to shop on the day after Thanksgiving, stop by the Gap to get your Buy One Get One Free sweaters... we are also having this promotion on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving as well.) This all probably plays a big role in the reason why i'm almost already done with all our Christmas shopping. I only have a few more gifts left before I have my whole list checked off. This is not the norm for me, and I've always been one to say that you shouldn't do anything "christmas" until after Thanksgiving. Working at the Gap has changed my perception on this, and i'm not ashamed to say each day at work i've been not only enjoying the music, but i've been singing along and been in the cheerful christmas spirit. I wanted to decorate our house the week of Thanksgiving before we go out of town, but Jonathan said he would put a stop to that. He is a firm believer in the whole "no Christmas before Thanksgiving." So to fill that yearning of Christmas cheer, i've turned to shopping. I can't wait to start wrapping all the gifts and putting them under our tree. And who doesn't love some good holiday commercials, like our new Gap advertisement that just started playing. It's a little corny, and nothing can beat the old Oreo Christmas commercial with the little boy waiting up for Santa, but it still puts a little pep in your step to get geared up for the Holidays.

Ok, ok, I realize i'm seeming to forget all about a very important holiday on the calendar. But just so you know, i'm still looking forward to Thanksgiving and will do a post soon on Thankfulness. This is not a holiday to be taken lightly. I mean geez, who doesn't want to sit down with family and enjoy a delicious feast? I am very excited about next weekend, even though the majority of it will be spent working, I am fortunate enough and thankful that we get to spend thanksgiving day with our family! Because of my crazy work schedule, Jonathan's family was gracious enough to change their traditional thanksgiving weekend plans so that we could all be together on Thanksgiving day. My family, along with his family will be enjoying next Thursday all together as one big family in Lexington, and I can't be more excited about it! And it only makes it that much better that I get to eat fried turkey...which only happens once a year!

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Alyssa said...

Matt has the same rule as Jonathan "No Christmas 'til after Thanksgiving!" I mean, I don't understand why we can just make MORE Christmas- it is never too early :) But you better believe all my decorations will be up and Christmas music will be played RIGHT after thanksgiving!!