Monday, January 25, 2010

Quarter of a Century!

Jonathan turned 25 last Monday and we celebrated by inviting out families to town for the weekend! On Saturday the girls went shopping and played around town while some of the boys played golf. That night we cooked Beaufort Stew and had fun just hanging out! Jonathan did most of the cooking and it was more than delicious. I love you babe and hope you had a wonderful birthday! Here's to hopefully your best year yet!
Thanks to our families for taking time out of their busy schedules to come hang out with us!

J's favorite guest at his bday party: little D!

Do you see the trend the she eats ALOT!!!

Everyone helping with the cooking and eating appetizers in the kitchen


Tricia said...

What a fun day and an awesome dinner we had with all the Andersons! The cake was to die for, too!!! Thanks bunches for having us for JJ's birthday celebration! You two know how to entertain, without a doubt!!!
(Love the new blog background!)

Courtney said...

yes, it was delish!

carol wilks said...

ok.....wish I was related and got to come to fun things like that! My favorite things...beaufort stew and choc cake!! Happy Birthday J!

Oh and Cam your home looks so comfy cozy and I want to come the next time your mama comes for a visit. Love ya! Carol

Kathryn said...

Did you make that cake, Cam? It's so pretty!