Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Slumber Party!!!!

Yesterday Durham got to come home with Aunt CamCam to stay the night!
This was D's first slumber party with CamCam and JJ...what a fun time we had!

D had to first check out the house by exploring her way through
all the rooms, drawers, and cabinets.

We then played and practiced our numbers and letters with toys!
D was intrigued with watching Ellen!
We read, and read, and read some more!
We played dress up in CamCam's boots!
We had a delicious dinner of corn and apple sauce...yum!

We took and bath to get clean and ready for bed.
We got on our PJ's and brushed our teeth.
We begged JJ to drag us all around the house on the blanket!
We drank our night time milk!
And we finally chilled out for a little bit before heading to bed!
D slept right inbetween CamCam and JJ because when you have a slumber party with the aunt and uncle, you get to do fun things and skip sleeping in your crib!

Love you little D, we had so much fun playing and having you spend the night!
Here's to many many more slumber parties in our future!!!!!


hanna said...

I LOVE IT!!!! FUN!! I know you had a blast and she did, too!!

Frankie said...

That is too precious for words! She is lucky to have such a fun aunt and uncle!

Frankie said...

Actually this Shelby, not Frankie. Aim on her iPad, sorry:)

Stephanie said...

looks like you ALL had fun !

Alyssa said...

SO CUTE! Best Aunt and Uncle ever!

Can I come for a slumber party? If you say yes, you have to promise we get to do all those fun things like D did!

Cameron said...

yes alyssa, J will drag you around on the blanket when you come stay with us in a few weekends!


Courtney said...

durham LOVES her "mam mam" and "jj"!

Kathryn said...

i loveeee this, especially her in your boots, haha! that's awesome! you're the cutest aunt and uncle ever. i wanna be pulled around, too. and eat corn and applesauce...yum!

Alyssa said...

well cameron, I was referring to sleeping right between you and J, but I will settle for being pulled around on the blanket. :)

Jonathan said...

Alyssa, you can sleep with me if you want. All you had to do was say so!

carol wilks said...

Me next!! Not sleeping with JJ....haha, but having a sleep over with D and Cam!! Pictures are perfectly adorable!! Like her!!

Andrea said... much fun! I think she looks so much like you, Cameron!