Sunday, March 14, 2010

TAG!!!'re it!
Court tagged me on this fun picture's how you play:
1. open your first photo folder
2. scroll to the 10th picture
3. post the photo and the story behind it
4. tag 5 or more people

My first folder on our computer is Alyssa and Matt's wedding weekend! So, here is the 10th picture from that album. It's at Alyssa's bridal/bridesmaid's luncheon the day before her wedding. These are all of Alyssa's 11 bridesmaids (with Laura missing). The luncheon was held at Nonnah's on Gervais St. in Columbia and it was such a fun time! Alyssa was the first of our best friends from college t0 get married, so that whole weekend was an awesome time for all of us...i'll never forget it! Love all these pretty ladies!

I tag: Shelby


Alyssa said...

I like that picture :) All my favorite girls! Love you!

Courtney said...

let's not forget who actually took that pic! :)