Friday, June 11, 2010

A little update...

It's been forever, but I wanted to fill everyone in on my first two weeks as a grad student. First of all, it's not near as fun as undergrad, but the classes are much more interesting and i'm learning a ton. Actually one research class i'm taking is a bore, but what can you expect with a class called Educational Research? It's been keeping me very busy and I am so thankful that all of my TV shows have already ended for the season, because everyday after class, if i don't go to work, I come straight home and do not stop doing school work until around 11 or 12 at night. No more TV time for me! I'm not kidding you, and if any of you know me and my study habits you would find this hard to believe. But it's true, all I do these days is school, school, and more school. I'm hoping it will slow down when the fall semester starts but during the summer they cram so much into such a little amount of time, you are doing good to just keep your head above the water. I'm making some friends in my program and I really think i'm going to enjoy this whole grad school thing, even though it might take me a while to get back into the school mode. If it were not for Jonathan I don't know if I would have gotten through these last two weeks, he has been so supportive and loving through this whole process, and i'm so thankful for that!

A few things that have happened since i've started school (not even 2 weeks ago):
-written 2 papers
-taken many quizzes
-taken my first grad school test today and have another one on monday
-in the process of applying for a grant (please pray that I receive this, it will cover my full tuition if I get it)
-was in a minor "fender bender"(and yes it was my fault)
-went on the lake for the first time this summer
-went to a USC baseball game
-went wedding dress shopping with Jess
And a side note on that....Jess and her mom came to Augusta this afternoon to go to a few dress shops, so we went to lunch and then made our way to start trying on dresses. It was so neat and fun to see her in those beautiful white dresses! The whole experience made me wish I was doing that same thing all over again, but of course with the same guy! hehe We had so much fun as we pulled dresses from the racks not even looking at the prices, when we got into the dressing room we saw that the majority of the ones we picked were over $4000. Jess still found some beautiful dresses that were a little more reasonable! The second place we went was a joke. We couldn't get out of there fast enough, but didn't want to be rude so we pretended that she had found "the one," but she needed to sleep on it, and she would let them know soon. All the dresses were terrible and our consultant was even more terrible! At least we made fun memories! Thanks Jess and Carol for letting me join in on this fun and special time!!!

me, court, and jess at the USC baseball game

This weekend J and I are going to a wedding in Charlotte, next weekend is father's day, and then the following weekend we are going to another wedding, and then heading to Edisto for the week...this is what I have to keep thinking about when I get stressed about all my school work...a whole week at the beach and nothing to do nothing but relax! I probably won't blog much more this summer, but wanted to let you know that school is going good and i'm excited to finally start the process of my lifelong career!!!!

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